what does a mo 899 oil filter fit

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what does a mo 899 oil filter fit插图

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Mopar MO-899 04884899AB Oil Filter Fram equiv. PH2 Fits:Cadillac STS XLR 4.4, Chrysler Hemis 2008-on, Ford Lincoln 4.6 modular V8s, MG ZT260Guide price: 10 inc UK postage.

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  • What is the difference between the 899 and 339 oil filter?

  • I did its 2nd oil change at ~16,000 miles today and found that the dealer had used the 04884899 (MO-899) filter when I had them do the 1st oil change at ~8,000 miles. The 339 is about 1/2 smaller in diameter 1/4 shorter than the 899.

  • What is the difference between SRT and regular oil filters?

  • The SRT filters have a higher pressure differential bypass valve to make sure all the oil delivered to your engine, at cold starts and high demand, is clean. The housing is also slightly thicker than many of the brands out there to handle the pressure but is not the thickest.

  • What size oil filter for my RT M6?

  • My ’15 RT M6 came with the 339 size oil filter, and I’m tempted to stick with OEM, except that size is a bit of pain to find locally. I know some have switched to the 899 filter size.

  • How important is the size of the oil filter?

  • All things being equal inside the filters, the larger filter should provide a little more oil capacity and more filter surface area.

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