what does a acdelco pf46e oil filter fit

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what does a acdelco pf46e oil filter fit插图

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  • Why did ACDelco change the design on the pf46 oil filter?

  • ACDelco is implementing a design change on the PF46, PF47, PF52 and PF61 ACDelco Oil Filters due to capacity constraints on the current product design. GM engineers have approved the new design which will begin to be incorporated in upcoming vehicle designs. This OE approved and manufactured filter provides

  • What are the new OE oil filters from ACDelco?

  • ACDelco has announced a redesigned Original Equipment (OE) oil filter that offers ACDelco’s exclusive Duraguard media in a smaller package. The new OE filter applications PF46E, PF47E, PF52E and PF61E will be installed in applicable new GM models. The new oil filter features: Increased efficiency and higher burst and collapse strength (Fig. 5, A)

  • What is the difference between pf46 and pf46e?

  • The filters are identical to the previous design in all aspects and will carry the previous short number, i.e., PF46. The current OE design will continue to be available under the new short number PF46E and will carry the current long number. More sharing options…

  • What does a pf61 oil filter do?

  • A combination relief and anti-drainback valve that prevents dry starts and assures oil flow In addition to the new OE design oil filter applications, the original filters (PF46, PF47, PF52 and PF61) continue to be available in a classic design.

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