what do you wear to a bridesmaid dress fitting

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A bridesmaid should wear the exactundergarmentsthat she plans on wearing the day of the wedding to her dress fitting, says expert Gabriella Risatti. Since you’re not sure how the dress will fit, bring along a couple of different bra options, especially a strapless version, to see which one is most comfortable and works best with the dress.

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  • What should the bride wear to the dress fitting?

  • Even if the bride hasn’t selected jewelry yet, it’s often a good idea to at least wear some fancy earrings to the dress fitting, just to get the look, says Risatti. 5. Hair Ties or Clips Wearing your hair up at the wedding?

  • How long does it take to get a bridesmaid dress fitted?

  • How long does a bridesmaid dress fitting take? The first fitting can take about an hour, but subsequent fittings take less time. Allow four to six weeks for fitting and alterations鈥攖hey may need to go back more than once. What alterations may be necessary for bridesmaid dresses?

  • Can bridesmaids wear dresses they already own?

  • Consider letting your bridesmaids wear something they already own鈥攖hey can accent their favorite LBD or party dress with matching wraps, shoes, or accessories for a coordinated bridal party. Can you rent bridesmaid dresses? Yes.

  • What do junior bridesmaids wear?

  • A junior bridesmaid usually wears a dress in a similar style to the older women in the bridal party, but keep it age-appropriate: cap sleeves, A-line styles, or princess dresses are all great choices. What do male bridesmaids wear? Is a Man of Honor or bridesman attending in your bridal party?

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