what day does planet fitness take money out

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  • Would you pay $10 a month to go to Planet Fitness?

  • If all the members who signed up actually went, franchises like that Planet Fitness would have to charge far more than $10 a month. In fact, of the members who get gym memberships, about HALF never actually visit the gym once.

  • Does planet Fitness lose members when gyms are closed?

  • However, somewhat surprisingly, the company lost relatively few members while gym locations were closed. Planet Fitness charges a monthly membership fee, but the fee was waived while gyms were closed. This gave members very little incentive to cancel their memberships early on.

  • How much is Planet Fitness cancellation fee?

  • Planet Fitness cancellation fee depends on which membership you have, such as if you have a 12-month contract-based membership, and if you cancel before the 12-month contract period, you have to pay a cancellation fee of $ 58. And if you have a no-commitment membership or a 12-month contract has expired, there is no cancellation fee.

  • Is there a monthly fee for Planet Fitness black card?

  • Yes, the Planet Fitness Black Card, Classic and No Commitment Membership Yearly fee is $ 39.00. How much is it for a membership at Planet Fitness? How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

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