what classes does crunch fitness offer

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Crunch offers group fitness classes includingZumba, yoga, Pilates and HIIT sessions, as well as personal training sessions for those looking for a one-on-one experience. Crunch鈥檚 large selection of group fitness classes cover an assortment of activities over five categories.

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  • Is Crunch a good gym to join?

  • You鈥檒l pay more to access the group classes, which are a huge fan favorite, but even at the base membership level you鈥檒l find good equipment selection and decent amenities at Crunch. It鈥檚 a better value than Planet Fitness for most people but doesn鈥檛 quite stack up to mid-range gyms like LA Fitness, Anytime, or Gold鈥檚 Gym.

  • What do you get with a crunch membership?

  • You get everything in the peak tier in addition to ride and advanced HIIT classes. Prices vary by location. Make sure you go to the Crunch Fitness website first to see how much a membership will cost you in your area. Generally speaking, Crunch Fitness is an affordable gym membership.

  • What kind of equipment does Crunch Fitness have?

  • In addition to Olympic barbells, Crunch has trap bars, EZ curl bars, and preloaded straight bars that go up to 100lbs. Crunch Fitness also has a large functional training area with kettlebells, punching bags, rigs, medicine balls, battle ropes, TRX bands, tires, Concept 2 rowers, agility ladders, Bosu balls, and hex dumbbells.

  • How many Crunch Gyms are there in the US?

  • There are only about 30 of these located nationwide compared to over 300 regular Crunch Fitness gyms. Crunch Signature gyms offer a lot more amenities than your average gym. In addition to finding a pool and/or sauna, you can also find live DJs, free Wi-Fi, and towel service.

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