what bottles fit medela pump in style advanced

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  • Which breast pumps does the Medela breast pump in style work with?

  • Works with Medela’s Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pumps, including the Advanced Starter Set and Advanced Personal Double Breast Pumps*: Designed to work best with your Medela breast pump – * (manufactured after July 2006); also works with Pump In Style Original Breast Pumps (obsolete)

  • What kind of Medela bottles do you use?

  • I use mostly the 5oz Medela bottles. The 2oz ones are often too small for my one super boob, but are usually fine for the dud boob. Since you’ll be pumping away from home, it’s a good idea to keep a few of the Lasinoh bags in your pump bag.

  • Is it harder to get replacement parts for the Medela advanced?

  • Additionally, Medela focuses more on the new version of the Pump in Style, I would expect it to be harder to get replacement parts for the Advanced.

  • Do Dr Brown bottles fit in a Medela pump?

  • Dr Brown’s bottles fit (not the wide neck), we used those when DD was little and at about 6 months switched to the Medela bottles. The dr. brown bottles fit, I pump into them all the time! Babies R Us sells an adaptor for the Tommee Tippee bottles so that it will fit the Medela pump.

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