what bodies fit traxxas slash

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Any RC body can fiton a TraxxasRustler chassis if you are willing to make enough modifications but some bodies like the Proline, Parma, Traxxasand JConcepts bodiesfit much more easily on the TraxxasRustler.. The Pro-Line GMC Sierra鈥檚 body is one of the ones that will fit the best..

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  • Will a Traxxas slash body fit a SC truck?

  • Bodies that fit Traxxas Slash most 1/10 SC trucks. Please note that these bodies fit the wheelbase and width specs for the SC trucks, but your truck may need some simple modifications for the body to be properly mounted (like adjustable body mounts) If you have any questions please email [email protected] of text 510-757-6705 for more info

  • What are these replacement Traxxas body clips?

  • 鈥?This is the Replacement Traxxas Body Clips. They can be used on Traxxas or many other brands of cars…. This is a replacement Body Washers from Traxxas….

  • Can the Traxxas Maxx be used with an aftermarket body?

  • The Traxxas Maxx is also equipped with the innovative and super convenient clipless body mounting system just like what is used on the X-Maxx and Rustler 44. The ease of use of this system is excellent, except for when you want to use an aftermarket body. Thankfully, Pro-Line went to work and came up with a solution.

  • What kind of body does a Jeep Wrangler have on Traxxas?

  • Pro-Line Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Body #3502-00) mounted on Traxxas Maxx. The Pro-Line Extended Front and Rear Body Mount Kit (#6370-00) is an all new design specifically for the Traxxas Maxx monster truck and opens the door to a slew of different aftermarket body options.

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