what bird fits my personality

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  • What would you like as a pet bird?

  • A nice quiet small bird. Like a Budgie. A nice sized bird and very affectionate once they’ve been trained. Cockatiel. Something big and bold Eagle. A biggish pet, like a cockatoo. You over hear your parents arguing and you think they are going to break up.

  • Are you interested in getting a bird as a family pet?

  • My whole family (all over 18) are really interested in getting a bird. It would be primarily mine, but a family pet too. My husband/boyfriend is supportive, but we don’t want our bird hurting our baby/young child. 9. What’s your budget for having a bird? We’ve got plenty of money and have no qualms about spending it on our bird!

  • Which animal is your cheekiest animal?

  • Monkey! You鈥檙e most suited to the cheekiest of all the animal 鈥?the monkey! Enjoy hanging out together and gorging on peanuts and bananas. Great job!

  • Is Cody the lovebird a birdhism character?

  • 鈥淐ody the Lovebird,鈥?鈥淐hubby Birds鈥?characters, and the 鈥淏irdhism鈥?logo are trademarks of Birdhism. 2015-21 Jen Budrock, Birdhism.

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