what are the six components of skill related fitness

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In addition to the 5 health-related components, there are 6 skill-related components that assist in developing optimal fitness:speed, agility, coordination, balance, power, and reaction time. Although important, these areas do not directly affect a person鈥檚 health.

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  • What are the skill-related components of physical fitness?

  • Posted: (6 days ago) The skill-related components of physical fitness include: power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and reaction time.

  • What are the six components of motor skills related to fitness?

  • Hetzler is a certified medical assistant with experience in oncology, laboratory testing and protocol writing. A soccer player kicks a ball during a game. The six components of motor skills related to fitness are agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed, according to Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Education.

  • Is flexibility a skill related fitness component?

  • Further explanation: Flexibility is not a component of skill-related fitness. There are six skill-related components of fitness, namely, reaction time, speed, agility, balance, power and hand/eye or hand-foot coordination. Beside this, what are the 6 skill related fitness components and examples?

  • What is skill-related fitness?

  • The term skill-related fitness refers to a person’s abilities in areas that are likely to improve performance in sports or certain work related activities. There are six areas, or components, of skill-related fitness including power, speed, reaction time, agility, balance, and coordination.

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