should leather boots fit snug

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Trying on boots for the first time is neither easy nor too difficult. The bootshouldn鈥檛 be too snug or too loose, and your instep should fit perfectly. After some time, the boots break in and leather stretches, which will loosen up the boot.

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  • Do leather shoes need to be uncomfortable?

  • For example, leather shoes should adapt to your feet in the long run, but if the shoe doesn鈥檛 fit well, they create cracks and creases. Don鈥檛 fall into the idea that fashion needs to be uncomfortable.

  • How do you know if your shoes are too Snug?

  • Thanks…the snugness is pretty uniform around the shoe, so that’s a good sign I guess. The only thing I really feel when walking is the line where the shoe ‘creases’ when walking (they’re cap toes, so the line just behind the cap) when it presses onto the top of my foot.

  • Are boots that don’t fit your feet?

  • But if you wear boots that don’t fit for extended periods of time… they can ruin your feet. Here’s what happens. If you wear boots that are too big, your foot doesn’t bend at the breakpoint of the shoe. Arch support is not where it should be. This can cause inflammation, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.

  • How should a good pair of boots fit?

  • So let’s take a look at how a good pair of boots should fit. Every boot has a natural break point – it’s at the widest part of the boot. Where your boot bends when you walk with it. That’s the flex point. Flex point is crucial for getting the right fit. Because it needs to be aligned with your foot. Your foot bends at the toes.

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