should i buy a fitness band

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  • Do you need a fitness band or a wearable for Sport?

  • But if you play a sport that makes it hard to carry a phone, a wearable is a better bet. And if swimming is your main sport, you鈥檒l need to make sure you choose one of the few fitness bands that work in the pool.

  • What are the best fitness bands for beginners?

  • Eat, sleep, walk, repeat with these top activity bands. Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi, Misfit, Polar are the leaders in the game, with bands to suit every budget and fitness level. And fitness trackers are becoming more feature rich 鈥?and an affordable option for people wanting to stay fit and healthy.

  • Is now the time to buy a fitness tracker?

  • It’s a boom time for fitness trackers, and there are more choices than ever to suit every budget. While smartwatches have certainly taken over, activity band style wearables are still immensely popular 鈥?and for good reason.

  • Should you buy the Amazfit band 5 for $50?

  • The Amazfit Band 5 is a $50 fitness tracker that promises many of the marquee features found in this year鈥檚 premium smartwatches, but at a fraction of the price. It has blood oxygen (SpO2) reading, stress monitoring, high heart rate alerts, Amazon Alexa built-in, sleep tracking and several other tools found in high-end offerings.

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