is sprinkler fitting hard

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is sprinkler fitting hard插图

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No, sprinkler fitting isnot hard. It can be a bit tedious and time consuming to get the hang of, but it鈥檚 a relatively easy process. How much does a sprinkler fitter make in BC?

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  • How to choose the right fire sprinkler pipe?

  • Since the fire sprinkler pipe usually installed in a static position, it requires a high level and restrict quality control. In a word, fire sprinkler pipe and fittings have to possess good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Galvanized fire pipe could be used in dry and wet fire pipe conditions.

  • Do sprinkler pipes have couplings?

  • Almost every time a grooved pipe changes direction and/or elevation-and even, occasionally, when it doesn鈥檛-you鈥檒l find grooved couplings. These sprinkler pipe fittings generally connect two pipes or fittings of the same diameter: 4-inch pipes connect to 4-inch valves, 2-inch elbows to 2-inch pipes, and so on.

  • What are sprinkler fittings made of?

  • Fire Sprinkler Pipe and Fittings 鈥?Material Specification. Fire sprinkler pipe and related fittings are generally made of carbon steel or ductile iron material and used to carry water or other liquid to connect firefighting equipment. It is also called fire protection pipe and fittings.

  • What size grooved fittings do I need for sprinkler pipes?

  • Grooved fittings for sprinkler pipes and plumbing are sized to fit the pipes they attach to-typically, from 2鈥?to 12鈥?in diameter. For applications involving especially large pipes (such as water mains or petroleum piping), manufacturers may offer far, far larger couplings, with some exceeding 6 feet in diameter.

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