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Planet Fitness also tends to use shaming techniques, like the lunk alarm, to prevent true workouts from occurring. This is all for the sake of making sure everyone feels accepted at the gym. While this mindset is not bad and stays true to the gym鈥檚 mantra,it鈥檚 bad for true workouts and fitness buffs.

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  • Is planet Fitness a gym?

  • Planet Fitness is a big, purple-colored adult daycare marketed to people afraid to go to an actual gym. Many Planet Fitness members do want to make progress of course, but the gym’s own rules and operating guidelines seem to dissuade this. We’re Not a Gym.

  • What’s happened to Planet Fitness?

  • In 2019, Planet Fitness added a whopping 1.9 million members. Totaling it up, from the end of 2018 to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., the company had added 3 million members — up an impressive 24% over just five fiscal quarters. Then the coronavirus derailed the train. As of October, Planet Fitness was down to 14 million members.

  • Does planet Fitness give Dirty Looks at lunks?

  • The few of us who desperately went to Planet Fitness for our workout in place of our normal gym were given noticeably dirty looks from other patrons. Maybe they felt uncomfortable with so many 鈥渓unks鈥?around? If that were the case, I can assure every Planet Fitness member that was there that night that none of us were looking at you.

  • Does planet Fitness Really Want you to lose weight?

  • Planet Fitness does a great job of encouraging thousands of people to get in shape who otherwise wouldn鈥檛 step foot in the gym. The issue is that while the staff and field management might genuinely want you to succeed on your weight loss journey, the corporate powers to be want you to fail while continuing to put their kids through college.

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