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  • Is Life Time Fitness worth the cost?

  • Overall, Life Time Fitness is one of the premier gyms and health clubs in the country. The features, equipment, amenities, and fitness classes are nearly unrivaled. However, the price can be quite steep 鈥?even approaching $149.00 per month. The value for your money is fantastic, but Life Time might simply be out of the question for many people.

  • Why choose lifetime fitness?

  • The memberships are also flexible, which always makes life a bit easier, as not everyone is looking for the same type of gym membership. The tables below will give an excellent idea about Lifetime Fitness prices and costs :

  • Does lifetime fitness have free classes?

  • Yes, Included in Your Lifetime fitness Membership, All classes are free to you. Does LifeTime Fitness have family memberships? Yes, Lifetime Fitness have a family membership Lifetime Fitness family membership cost. Initiation Fee$ 鈥?79; for two adults (All Club Access) 鈥?$121; Each Additional Child 鈥?$20; Year Pay In Full for 2 adults 鈥?$1499

  • How much does a Lifetime Fitness Diamond membership cost?

  • LifeTime Fitness鈥檚 Diamond will cost $ 199 per month for a single membership and $ 400 per month for a family membership. Does LifeTime Fitness have a senior discount?

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