is karrimor small fitting

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  • Is the Karrimor a good fit?

  • The Karrimor is a very close fit due to the stretch panels, which may not be to everyone’s liking, but it I found it very comfortable nonetheless. The main zip and the ones on the three pockets were of good quality and functioned easily without any snagging at all.

  • What is a Karrimor backpack?

  • Karrimor designed size adjustable packs in the early 80s and the Karrimor backpacks have 4 levels of size adjustable back systems for comfort and simplicity.

  • What is a Karrimor hybrid jacket?

  • Onto the Karrimor Hybrid Jacket… Hybrid jackets are designed to combine soft and hard shells in different areas to give more breathability and often come with little extras like taped seams, and stretchable elements. The general idea is to achieve some of the protection of a hard shell, without some of the drawbacks.

  • Are Karrimor Hot Rock boots waterproof?

  • Karrimor hot rocks. After 6 months of light use the karrimor hot rock low uppers parted company with tread and splits have appeared.Have now bought Iturri army combat boots for 15 more and wow what a difference,never again will I buy inferior shoes. These boots are NOT waterproof.

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