how to wear slim fit belt

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Remove the clothing that covers your focus areas like stomach, waist, hips, etc as the slimming belt has to be worn directly over your body, touching your skin.Wrap the slimming belt around your abdomen, so that both the ends of the belt will meet near your belly button. Wear your clothing back over the slimming belt.

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  • How to use a slimming belt?

  • Just wear the belt in the desired portion of the body, connect it to the power supply and switch on the button. You can wear the slimming belt in areas such as around the thighs, hips, waist and the like. Now, depending on your comfort adjust the level of speed of vibration.

  • Are slimming belts bad for your skin?

  • Regular use of slimming belts may cause itchiness, rashes, and acne in the skin where it has been tied. 3. Skin Burns Direct contact with skin with the slimming belt many a time, causes burns and blisters and this causes a lot of problems to the user.

  • What is a slim-fit chastity belt?

  • This creates an alternative chastity option, suited for long-term wear. The adjustable waist allows you to make incremental tweaks to the sizing until you reach the perfect, secure fit in all places. Slim-Fit Chastity Belts are designed to be worn lower on the hips, so take measurement A from the fullest part of your hips.

  • What to wear to work if you have a slim waist?

  • The colors are so stunning that you simply can wear the dress with black heels and no accessories. This dark grey dress is a good looking one with a little bit of twist. It uses a thin belt that makes your slim waist even stands out more. This is a beautiful outfit that is suitable to wear to work.

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