how to use ww fit points

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  • How do FitPoints work on Weight Watchers?

  • You know every food on WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has a numerical value and the program gives you a daily SmartPoints budget for everything you eat, but did you know you can also rack up FitPoints to expand that budget? Each physical activity you do is assigned a points value, just like food.

  • Do FitPoints matter with WW?

  • But in case you think your FitPoints don’t matter, keep in mind that with WW’s newest program, WellnessWins, you earn five wins each day you track activity, which you can then use to purchase prizes. How Can I Track My FitPoints? This might all sound incredibly confusing, so let’s look at a real example.

  • Should I Turn my FitPoints into food points?

  • You can opt to have your FitPoints not affect your SmartPoints at all. Personally, I don’t turn my FitPoints into food points because it tricks me into thinking I can eat more than I should, so I’m better off sticking with only my daily and weekly SmartPoints.

  • How do I enter my activity points on Weight Watchers?

  • You can either enter it manually in the activity section of your account, or you can use a tracking device or app, such as Fitbit, which connects directly to your Weight Watchers account. How are FitPoints different from Activity Points?

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