how to use proline push fit

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  • What are some tips for using push fit fittings?

  • Tips for Using Push-Fit Fittings. When using push-fit fittings, make sure there aren鈥檛 any burrs on the end of the pipe; this can damage the O-ring and compromise the watertight seal. Ensure that the push-fit fittings you purchase are approved for the intended use. The package labels should tell you the accepted usage of the fittings.

  • What are the benefits of push-fit fittings?

  • Benefits of Push-Fit Fittings The speed of making a connection with push-fit fittings is perhaps the biggest advantage. In an emergency, you can quickly cap or repair a pipe by simply slipping on a push-fit fitting. Push-fit fittings are a great way to make pipe connections without having to solder or use clamps, unions, or glue.

  • Can you use push-fit fittings on copper pipe?

  • Use push-fit joints on copper pipe. Copper pipe is perhaps the most versatile of all piping types in that you can use virtually any fitting with it. Copper pipe, however, is not particularly flexible, which can make it a little unwieldy to work with. Simplify your copper piping projects by using push-fit fittings.

  • Can you use push fit fittings on PEX pipe?

  • Studies have shown these to be dependable connections appropriate for any pipe unions鈥攅ven those that are hidden inside finished walls and ceilings. When you are making joints for CPVC, PEX, or copper pipes, push-fit fittings are by far the quickest and easiest way to go.

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