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  • How to update Samsung Gear Fit to the latest version?

  • You have two techniques with which you can update your device to the latest software which are using Samsung Kies and Updating Gear Fit through Bluetooth connection of your Smartphone. Using your Laptop or PC you need to download and Install the latest version of Samsung Kies from the official Samsung Website.

  • Can I use Gear Fit manager for all with any device?

  • It’s an excellent product with one drawback: it can only be used with Samsung devices. Or at least up to now, because with Gear Fit Manager for All we can synchronize our phone, even if it belongs to another brand.

  • How do I download and install Samsung Gear Manager?

  • Download and Install Samsung Gear Manager – Android 1 From the Home screen of your mobile device, tap the Apps icon. 2 Tap Internet or Chrome鈩?. 3 Navigate to then tap Download. This link is only accessible from a mobile device.

  • What is the Samsung Gear Fit Smart watch?

  • The Samsung Gear Fit is an upgrade from the earlier Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. There are many new features in this device compared to the earlier version, and the design aspect has been given importance making it one of the best looking Smart Watch around.

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