how to unfreeze la fitness account

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  • Can I Freeze my LA Fitness membership?

  • If you are not using your LA Fitness membership, you have the option of freezing your membership — with no questions asked — for $10 monthly. This can allow you to avoid initiation fees when you are ready to work out again.

  • How do I reactivate my LA Fitness account?

  • Once logged in, you can select the Freeze option on the right side of the screen to suspend your account. When you are ready to reactivate your account, you can do so by again logging in to your membership area. Some fees may apply, and LA Fitness may change the fees and terms.

  • Why did LA Fitness close in California?

  • LA Fitness is feeling the burn 鈥?and not in a good way by its North American members over freeze fees, amid mass re-openings across the U.S. and Canada. On the company’s website, LA Fitness issued a notice that it has temporarily closed the California and Arizona clubs, due to the order of the Governors in those states.

  • How do I cancel my personal training membership?

  • If your Personal Training membership is still within its initial term or if you have a Paid In Full membership, please contact your local club for assistance. How to Access Online Cancellation Form: Click on My LA Fitness.

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