how to take fitness progress photos

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Taking Fitness Progress Pictures By Yourself. When it comes to taking your progress pictures, you can use yoursmartphone or a digital camera. It would help if you used the self-timer function on your device or you can pick up a Bluetooth camera remote for next to nothing.

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  • How do I take good progress photos?

  • Capture progress photos for the front, back and both sides. Taking front shots only can be a deceiving picture and won鈥檛 tell the whole story. Also consider taking specific body part photos too, to track individual muscle development. Remember to take regular progress pics.

  • When is the best time to take pictures in the gym?

  • I also prefer to not have comparison pictures taken in the gym after training different body parts. If you take a picture post chest workout and compare it to a post leg workout picture, of course things will look different. Again, I prefer first thing in the morning prior to food and water without a pump. 2. Location

  • How do you take good body pictures?

  • Wear the same outfit ideally, using the same lighting. This will be really helpful when you line your pictures up side by side and look for changes. 2. Take more full length body shots than just pictures of your abs or one specific body part I love how Rock Your Life member Jessica took full length body shots.

  • What is a progress photo?

  • Note that what we鈥檙e talking about are progress pics, taken in the cold light of day, with nowhere to hide, and not the stylized 鈥榝itness selfies鈥?that we all take from time to time 😉

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