how to sweat copper fittings

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Heating the Pipeto Sweat the Fittings. Apply the heat to the fitting area. Be very careful if the pipe is against or near wood beams or floor joists. Attempt to heat the fitting evenly. At this stage you will need to watch the area and the copper very carefully. The copper will get shiny as it is heated.

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  • What is a sweat fitting for copper pipe?

  • Learn how to join copper pipe with a soldered sweat fitting. Connections are made between sections of iron pipe using threaded fittings. The walls of copper pipe, however, are too thin and soft to be threaded, so a different sort of fitting is used, called a sweat fitting.

  • Can You Sweat copper pipe with a torch?

  • Place the copper fitting on the pipe only after it is thoroughly cleaned and coated with soldering paste. When the fitting is firmly in place, rotate both the pipe and the fitting several times to spread the flux evenly. A propane torch is the tool we鈥檒l use to sweat copper pipe.

  • How do you fix sweaty copper pipes?

  • After cleaning, it鈥檚 critical to avoid touching the copper pipe with your bare hands, lest natural oils and dirt on your skin interfere with the sweating process. STEP 3: Apply a thin, even layer of flux to the pipes. Don insulated work gloves for protection against the acid in the flux.

  • How do you sweat a pipe?

  • To sweat a pipe, start by applying the solder to the parts of the pipe that are joined together. Make sure you move the torch steadily around the pipe to avoid creating a leak in the joint. Then, connect your 2 pipes together and spray the joint with flux paste while it’s still hot.

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