how to stay slim and fit

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To stayslim and full of vitality,you have to eat everything… in small quantities. Meat,fish,eggs,fruits and vegetables (at all meals),cereals (complete,as long as you can do),legumes and even… cheese and chocolate! An essential rule to stay slim: have good eating habits! *Co-author of Lose weight with micronutrition,ed.

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  • How to get Slim in 7 simple ways?

  • 7 Simple Ways to Get Slim Naturally 1 Eat five times a day, starting with breakfast. 2 Drink more water. 3 Grab a piece of fruit before heading out of the house. 4 Eat slowly and stop eating before you feel full. 5 Watch your portion sizes. 6 … (more items)

  • How to stay fit and slim at 40?

  • At 40, though, doing so means priming yourself for injury, which can really put a damper on your plans to stay fit and slim. Take five to 10 minutes prior to exercise to warm up, and another five minutes at the end of a session to cool down and stretch.

  • How to stay slim forever?

  • This should be the first way on how to stay slim forever that we want to mention in this interesting article. Weighing yourself daily can help you stay slim. According to a study, people who got on the scale regularly lost twice as much weight as people who weighed themselves less frequently. Also, monitoring the weight keeps prevent weight denial.

  • How to stay fit and Slim in Japan?

  • One of the most effective Japanese secrets to stay fit and slim is avoiding intake of carbohydrates as much as possible however Japanese eat rice once a day usually in their lunch that are low in carbohydrates and they also eat noodles that are low in fat. These folks strictly avoid eating rice or carbohydrate loaded food after sunset.

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