how to start your own fitness studio

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  • Is it possible to open your own fitness studio?

  • The fitness landscape has changed with specialized fitness studios increasing in popularity. High-end gyms and studios make up over 35% of the multibillion-dollar fitness industry. Opening your own fitness studio is considered a dream for most, but you can take the steps you need to make it a reality.

  • How do I start a gym business?

  • For a more cost-friendly route to opening your gym, you should use a fitness franchise. There are a number of established fitness chains which offer you the chance to open a gym, or offer fitness services, at one of their existing sites; giving you a headstart on location and market.

  • What do you need to start a boutique fitness studio?

  • Before you take the plunge, here are nine things to consider when starting a boutique fitness studio. As a business owner, you absolutely need a business plan before you open your facility. The business plan is the backbone of any business and needs to include a ton of detail so that you make well-informed decisions down the line.

  • What does it take to run a fitness studio?

  • As any small business owner will tell you, running a fitness studio involves many different roles-bookkeeper, insurance specialist, human resources, customer service, management, marketing, technique, class quality control, and more-all wrapped into one, she says. 3. Make it look easy.

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