how to shorten mini blinds to fit window

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Shorteningthe Blinds1 Measure the height of the window. You need this to determine the exact length that you need for the mini-blinds. Start with the inside top of the casing where the blindswill be mounted, and measure all the way to the windowsillbelow. 2 Place the mini-blindson a flat surface and expand to the full length.

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  • How do you shorten mini blinds?

  • Shortening the Blinds Measure the height of the window. Place the mini-blinds on a flat surface and expand to the full length. Remove the rail plugs. Untie the knot on the lift cords, and pull upward. Slide the bottom rail out of the string ladders. Remove the desired number of slats.

  • Should cordless mini blinds be shortened?

  • There are two main reasons why you should shorten cordless mini blinds that hang well past your window. Let鈥檚 discuss them in greater detail below. Blinds that are excessively big for windows are not great to look at. They look like an oversized dress that鈥檚 dragging along the surface of the ground.

  • How do you measure for mini blinds?

  • Measure from the top of the blind casing to the blind slat that most closely corresponds with the window measurements. Move downward 1 additional slat to allow a little room for error. Mark the first slat to be removed with a marker or pen. Remove the rail plugs. Mini-blinds are equipped with plastic plugs on the underside of the bottom rail.

  • Will MiniMini blinds fit any window?

  • Mini-blinds and shades that are available on retail stores easily fit windows. It is because they are manufactured on a standard. But if you need blinds for a window that doesn鈥檛 fall in the category of standard, the additional length can make the blinds look rather a poor fit for the window.

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