how to sharkbite fittings

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Very simply, SharkBite fittings work bypushing teeth onto pipes that then seal a rubber gasket around the connection. This creates a water-tight seal and a connection that is difficult to pull off without the use of a special tool. Why do plumbers not like shark bites?

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  • How to install shark bite fittings?

  • How to Install SharkBite Fittings Step 1. Cut the pipe that you are installing in the SharkBite fitting with a pipe cutter. Make sure the end of the pipe… Step 2. Inspect the SharkBite fitting for damage or obstructions. Make sure that the SharkBite fitting, and the pipe… Step 3. Remove the PEX …

  • How do you use a Sharkbite on a copper pipe?

  • Measure one inch up the pipe from the cut end and mark the pipe with a pencil or scribe. Make sure the mark is easily visible as it will help you install the SharkBite fitting correctly. Hold the SharkBite fitting and push the pipe into the fitting with a twisting motion.

  • What should I do if my Sharkbite fitting is not working?

  • Make sure that the SharkBite fitting, and the pipe going into it, is clean and undamaged. Replace any SharkBite fittings that appear damaged or that have obstructions. Remove the PEX support collar from the SharkBite fitting if you are using copper or CPVC water lines and local codes prohibit the use of the support collar.

  • How do you use Sharkbite disconnect tongs?

  • For the SharkBite disconnect tongs, placing the teeth around the fitting, make sure that the logo is positioned around the pipe and the other end on the neck of the fitting. Squeeze the tongs with one hand and pull the pipe with the other. Use a twisting motion to release the tube.

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