how to set up my fitness tracker watch

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  • How do I Pair My fitness tracker or watch with my Smartphone?

  • Now it’s time to pair your fitness tracker or watch with your smartphone, which allows you to view your health and fitness data via the app. Make sure your device is near your phone, and that your phone is connected to the internet. You’ll also need to ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on; you can find this in the settings menu.

  • How does this fitness tracker track your steps?

  • This fitness tracker will track your steps throughout the day. (And it will be reset at 12:00 p.m or 24:00.) Calories can be calculated on the age, height, weight and the amount of exercise. So it is very important that set your personal information on this watch.

  • How do I care for my Fitness Watch?

  • Make sure you keep your fitness watch or activity tracker clean, particularly after you’ve been exercising or wearing it for long periods of time. If you don’t, then the band could start to smell bad and even result in you getting a rash. Most fitness trackers or smartwatches have a plastic or rubber strap.

  • How can I track my fitness activity with my Apple Watch?

  • Using your Watch 1 Track your running/walking distance in kilometres (You can change this to miles in the FitPro app) 2 Monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation 3 Track your calories 4 Track your Skipping and Situp counts 5 Synchronize info with your smartphone More …

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