how to set up da fit watch

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  • How do I connect my smartwatch to the da Fit app?

  • The Da Fit app will ask you to open and activate the Bluetooth connection. 5. Select/Add your Smartwatch, after turning on the Bluetooth, the app will begin to search for your device, once your device shows up, select it to add to connect it to the Da Fit app. Cannot connect/pair my smartwatch to Da Fit app?

  • How can I use da fit?

  • Using APKPure App to upgrade Da Fit, install xapk, fast, free and saving internet data. – Use Da Fit Band to set, track, and follow your health data day and night. – Monitor and track your sleep quality. – Start every day feeling rested with gentle alarm. – Gain insights from easy to view trends based your personal health data.

  • Where can I download Dada fit?

  • Da Fit on the App Store This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone. Da Fit provides you with accurate motion recording, sleeping details and exercise analysis. Encourage you to love sports, enjoy a positive and healthy lifestyle, and meet a better you.

  • Is Dada fit a good app for smartwatches?

  • Da Fit is one of our favorite app for smartwatches, we experienced using it several times with different smartwatches and so far we don鈥檛 have any issues with the support app. The Da Fit support app is available in iOS and Android platform and it has been receiving regular updates, fixing bugs, improving stability or adding new features.

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