how to replace band on samsung gear fit 2

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To remove a strap,push the tab on the back of the strap that is connected to the Gear Fit2.While pushing the tab,pull the strap out (when removing the strap,pull it upwards).To attach a strap,slide the strap into the grooves on the Gear Fit2.

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  • How do I replace the wristband on my Samsung Gear鈩?Fit?

  • The wristband on your Samsung Gear鈩?Fit is designed to be easily replaced or changed out with another wristband. 1. Disconnect the Gear Fit strap by lifting it up. 2. Insert one end of the Gear Fit into the mounting hole of the new strap (1). Insert the other end of the device into the hole (2) and pull the strap up at the same time. 3.

  • How do I get a replacement strap for my Gear Fit 2?

  • Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble sourcing a replacement strap for your Gear Fit 2. As a workaround for this issue you can try visiting an authorised Samsung Support Centre to enquire about fitting a new strap or fixing your existing one.

  • What is the design of Samsung Gear Fit?

  • Samsung Gear Fit has a very neat looking design with a rectangular screen and curved to giving It a very elegant look which adapts to your wrist. Gear Fit comes with interchangeable Straps that mean that you can change the strap and put on a strap that will go with your attire.

  • Where to Buy Samsung Gear Fit 2 bands in Australia?

  • Track your fitness levels with the Samsung Gear Fit 2 band., Australia’s trusted e-store, offers Samsung Gear Fit 2 bands at low prices. Shop now.

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