how to put a fitted sheet on the bed

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How do you put a fitted sheet on a bed by yourself?Lay down your fitted sheet on the mattress and spread it out as flat as possibleGrasp one corner of the fitted sheet over the top right corner of the mattress,pulling it under the mattressSlip the sheet over the corner at the foot of the bed on the same side.

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  • Where do you put the Fitted sheets on your bed?

  • When you’re making your bed, before you put the fitted sheet on the mattress, stop and take a look for the sheet’s tags, because those tags are the secret to bed-making success, according to Buzzfeed, who found the helpful hint on Reddit. Once you’ve found the tags, all you need to know is that they go on the bottom right corner of the mattress.

  • How do you put a fitted sheet under a King Size Mattress?

  • Grasp one corner of the fitted sheet over the top right corner of the mattress, pulling it under the mattress. If there is a seam on the corner of the fitted sheet, it should end at the top of the mattress.

  • What are fitted sheets?

  • The fitted sheet is usually sewn with elastic that makes pockets on the four corners, helping it hug the corners of the mattress. The pockets keep the sheet from coming off the mattress during the night. Fitted sheets may have elastic on two sides or elastic all the way around. Purchase sheets designed for the size of mattress you have.

  • How do I choose the right sheets for my mattress?

  • According to Peter Cancelli, founder of, this advice works especially well when dealing with sheets that might be a little too small for your mattress (and require more effort). Look for the fitted sheet鈥檚 tag, too. The corner with the tag is often meant to fit over the bottom right side of the mattress if you鈥檙e facing the bed.

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