how to make rows fit text in excel

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  • How to fit text inside a cell in Excel?

  • In such cases, you can adjust the rows and columns to fit the text in the cell (so that the text is completely within the cell). This can be done using the AutoFit feature in Excel.

  • How do I Autofit a row in Excel?

  • AutoFit columns and rows by using the ribbon Another way to AutoFit in Excel is by using the following options on the ribbon: To AutoFit column width, select one, several or all columns on the sheet, go to the Home tab Cells group, and click Format AutoFit Column Width.

  • How to expand text size in Excel using Autofit?

  • Select the excel cell that you want to expand to fit the text size. Click Home 鈥?gt; Format 鈥?gt; AutoFit Row Height / AutoFit Column Width menu item to expand it. The above menu item has a shortcut key that is Alt + H ( Home tab) + O ( Format menu ) + A ( AutoFit Row Height ) / I (AutoFit Column Width)

  • How to fit text to columns automatically?

  • Since you have now seen an example of how to fit text to columns automatically, that is what you would commonly need. You can do the same thing with the rows. What you need to do is to place the cursor at the bottom part of the chosen row. After that, press double-click.

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