how to make fence panels fit

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Use bricks to raise the fence panel 50 to 75mm above the ground. (The gap helps prevent the panel rotting.) If you prefer to fit gravel boards below the fence panels, leave a 150mm gap below.

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  • How do you install a fence panel?

  • Step-by-step guide to fitting a panel fence 1 Dig your post holes. If your first panel butts up to a wall of the house or outbuilding then you can fix the post to that wall, as you are … 2 Fix your first fence panel. … 3 Level your posts. … 4 Concrete in your fence post. … 5 Dig the next hole. … 6 Repeat until the end. …

  • What are the best ways to build a fence?

  • Fence panels are short sections that make building a fence easier. Rather than constructing the entire fence one board at a time, build the panels then attach them to the fence posts. Panels are usually pre-made and available at hardware stores, but you can save a lot of money by building your own.

  • How do you assemble a wood fence?

  • Attach the vertical boards to the horizontal rails to assemble each panel. Then repeat the process until you have enough panels to construct your fence.

  • How do I measure and cut a fence panel?

  • Once in place, measure the gap between the posts and this will be the size you need to cut your panel to. If you鈥檙e cutting and fitting your panel to some existing fence posts that are already installed then simply measure the gap between the 2 existing posts. When measuring ensure the posts you are measure between are exactly upright and straight.

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