how to make a too big shirt fit

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Start with a t-shirt you love that’s just too bigTurn the shirt inside out and lay a shirt that DOES fit you on top of it, lining up the collarsso that you can be sure it is centered over your large t-shirt. Trace the shirt that DOES fit you onto the large t-shirt. Turn both shirts inside out so that you don’t mark on the front of the shirts.

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  • How can I Make my T-shirt bigger?

  • Make your shirts bigger by stretching them or using the sewing machine, depending on your skill level. If you do know how to make clothes, these t shirt hacks may even help you create a DIY tank top from an old t-shirt. Don鈥檛 shell out tons of money for new clothes! Upcycled shirts are the easiest way to keep your favorites around and save big.

  • How to choose the right T-shirt size?

  • This will cause the fabric to curl and conceal any jaggedness. Get a T shirt that is a few sizes too big for you. The length of the shirt does not matter because you will be cutting it. The shirt should fit you well in the shoulders, but it needs to be loose in the waist and hips.

  • How to upsize a T-shirt?

  • Another easy option to upsize your favorite t-shirts is to turn them into a shirt patch. This project is ideal if your shirt design is close to the neckline or for making a kid鈥檚 Marvel t-shirt into an appropriate size. Find a plain new shirt in the same color as your too-small shirt.

  • How do you hide a shirt that is too big?

  • Layer with a jacket or sweater to disguise a too-big shirt and hide excess fabric. This is mostly a joke, but you can create a slim front silhouette by using binder clips to hold excess fabric at the back of your shirt. Keep in mind what you鈥檒l be doing while wearing the shirt.

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