how to install drive in grease fittings

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  • What are drive type grease fittings?

  • Drive type grease fittings, also called push in grease fittings, are ideal for low or medium pressure applications. They feature serrated or smooth shanks for installation in drilled, untapped holes. Using drive type grease zerks can eliminate tapping costs associated with threaded applications.

  • How do you attach grease fittings to mechanical parts?

  • To install grease fitting extensions: Thread the non-flared end of the extension into the grease fitting hole of the mechanical part you are servicing. Thread the grease fitting into the flared end of the extension using a socket, wrench, or grease fitting multi tool.

  • How do you remove a drive type grease fitting?

  • How to remove a drive type grease fitting. Use a slide hammer with a locking plier attachment to clamp to the end of the grease fitting. Operate the slide hammer with several solid strikes to loosen the fitting. Continue this action until the fitting is completely removed from its mating component.

  • How to use a grease gun?

  • First, make sure that the grease gun and the zerk are dirt-free before fastening the nozzle to the fitting. Then, angle the coupler to the fitting and press down. Secure the connection by tightening the nozzle on the fitting, and when the coupler clicks into place, start up the grease gun, and let the lubricant flow.

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