how to get your jeans to fit perfectly

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Take the jeans to a tailor to be altered. Have the jeans cut to hit just at your heel, or longer for flare-cut pants. Have them lower a waistline that sits too high or adjust the button for a more precise fit.

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  • How to choose the right jeans for your body shape?

  • If you鈥檙e blessed with an average-sized frame, shopping for jeans should be a breeze. Whether the fit is slim and loose, it鈥檒l probably look good on you. That means you鈥檝e got plenty of styling options. Any kind of rise will do, but steer clear of the extremes. The most obvious choice for leg shape is a slim straight fit.

  • How to find the right pair of jeans for You?

  • To find a pair of jeans that makes you feel comfortable and look good, consider these four features of the fit: the shape of the leg; the rise; the length (also known as the 鈥榖reak鈥? and; the fabric. The shape of the leg is what gives you the different types of fits. It鈥檚 determined by three measurements: the thigh, the knee and the leg opening.

  • Can you tailor jeans to fit perfectly?

  • And with a little bit of tailoring, you can get them to fit you damn-near perfectly. Tailoring jeans, a hard-wearing garment meant for the masses, might sound excessive. But if you live in your jeans every day, even the smallest alterations can make a huge difference.

  • Are stretchy jeans good for You?

  • The key advantage of having stretch is that the jeans become a lot more comfortable, especially if it鈥檚 a slimmer fit. But for regular and loose fits, rigid denim usually works best. Slim and skinny are the most popular fits. They can indeed look quite flattering if you have the body type for it.

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