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  • How do you fold a fitted sheet?

  • This article has been viewed 743,995 times. To fold a fitted sheet, hold it lengthwise and inside-out. Put your hands inside the top two corners of the sheet. Next, bring your palms together. Fold the corner in your right hand over the corner in your left hand. Change hands and place your right hand in the corner where your left hand was.

  • How do you make a rectangle out of a flat sheet?

  • Fold the flattened sheet into thirds vertically. Fold the top third of your sheet down so the corners are tucked inside the folded sheet. Smooth out the fabric with your hands, then fold the bottom third up so the sheet makes a long, thin rectangle.

  • How do you iron a fitted sheet?

  • If you have fitted sheets that require ironing, simply take these steps: Grab two corners of the sheet. Place them on the ironing board, with the elastic facing up. Slide your hands inside the opposite corners and fold the sheet in half (lengthwise).

  • How do you fold a sheet of paper into a square?

  • Steps Hold the sheet lengthwise in your hands. Tuck your fingertips into the corner seam at the two far ends of the sheet. Fold one corner over the other. Bring the tips of your fingers together and flip one of the corners over the other, switching it to be facing right-side-out. Grab the next corner.

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