how to fit wider wheels on a car

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To fit the widest tire-and-wheel package, the car will need themaximum wheel backspacing on the frontend. Stock upper control arms may contact the wheel, or sometimes (depending on wheel diameter) the tie-rod end will limit the amount of backspacing. The next thing that will often hit on full-lock turns is the sway bar.

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  • Can I add an inch to my Wheels to make them wider?

  • While you still need to ensure that wider tires will fit inside your wheel wells without rubbing, it鈥檚 common to add an inch of width to your wheels鈥攆or example, going from a 7-inch-wide rim to an 8-inch-wide one. That allows a wider tire to be mounted. While you鈥檙e adding width to your wheels, you may also want to increase your wheels鈥?diameter.

  • Should you put wider tyres on the front or back wheels?

  • For the front wheels, having wider tyres means having bigger wheel wells to accommodate them turning and, beyond a certain width, there is not much extra grip when turning. While it鈥檚 fine to put narrower tyres on the front and wider on the back, it鈥檚 pointless to put wider tyres on just one side of the car.

  • What size rims can I put on my car?

  • Overall wheel rim width can鈥檛 exceed 177.8mm (seven inches) unless specified by the manufacturer, and cars that are equipped with 177.8mm rims can鈥檛 have higher width rims fitted at all. As with most other jurisdictions, the wheel must be contained within the bodywork of the car, including wheel arch flares.

  • Why do some cars have wide rear wheels?

  • Having wide rear wheels is for the reasons of traction and the 鈥榣ook鈥? When a rear-wheel-drive car has a lot of power, it can cause wheelspin easily which is why wider rear tyres can give better traction.

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