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1. Slide the long strap piece out of the watch strap’s loop. 2. Slide the long piece of the watch strap over the spring bars behind the case back of the watch 3. Slide the long strap piece back through the loop and the fitting of the NATO watch strap is complete. The steps below apply to fitting tang buckles.

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  • How to choose the right watch strap?

  • Just make sure you buy a strap with a loop that moves freely along the band. The width of your watch strap is measured in millimeters. Get out a ruler and measure it before buying a replacement loop to make sure it fits. A spring bar tool will help remove your strap or buckle if you need to.

  • How do I remove the strap from my watch case?

  • Removing the strap involves removing the spring bars, which releases the strap pieces from the watch case. A spring bar is a spring-loaded and telescoping metal rod with double-flanges on each end (fig. 6). The spring bar ends fit into small holes inside a pair of lugs on the watch case.

  • What is the proper way to wear my watch?

  • The watch is usually placed face down with the strap unbuckled on a soft pad with the lugs pointing out to the sides. Doing so allows easier access to the strap and spring bars and prevents the watch lens from being scratched.

  • How to install a Nato watch strap?

  • Nato Strap Store How to Install a NATO Watch Strap? Here’s how to install a NATO strap. Step 1: With the watch face facing towards you, feed the end of the NATO strap downwards through the gap between the spring bars and the watch face.

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