how to fit venetian blinds in a curved bay window

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  • What is the difference between Bay blinds and venetian blinds?

  • Bay window blinds in a bead fit system will provide a different look than venetian blinds fitted in front of the window, but in these systems the slats of the venetian blinds will sit very close to the glass to provide a good light seal.

  • What are the side channels on Venetian blinds made of?

  • These side channels are usually made of upvc and there are single and double channels to cover the edge of one venetian blind at the edge of a bay window or two venetian blinds where they meet in the angle of a bay window.

  • How do you Fit blinds on bay windows?

  • Bay windows can be 3 sided or 5 sided windows. To fit your blinds on these windows you do the following: 1. You need to create a measuring guide to make measuring your bay windows correctly. You can use cardboard cutouts to create your guide. 2. First, you will need to measure and consider obstructions like vents and window handles.

  • Why choose vertical blinds for bay windows?

  • The unique size and shape of bay windows, together with the angle of the bay make standard blinds mostly unsuited to dressing them. This necessitates you opt for custom made or made to measure vertical blinds to achieve that perfect fit and the desired level of control over the amount of light entering your room.

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