how to fit universal bike rack

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  • What is the most efficient bike rack for your car?

  • Rear mounted racks are one of the most efficient bike racks available, as they fit to your car with a set of straps and don鈥檛 require an additional mount. And remember, if the rack covers your lights and number plate, you鈥檒l need to attach a lighting board.

  • Will Jack the bike rack fit my handlebar?

  • Jack the Bike Rack 鈥?so named because it is a 鈥榡ack of all trades鈥?鈥?mounts from the handlebar and steerer. Its brackets are designed to fit any handlebar of a 31.8 mm or 25.4 mm diameter. There are some combinations of stem and angle that won鈥檛 work, but those combinations are pretty rare. For most people on most bikes, this rack should fit.

  • How many expert bike rack fitters do you have?

  • We have over 2400 expert bike rack fitters nationwide, offer a minimum 2-year guarantee, can expertly fit your new bike rack, and have a unique product finder tool that will help you find the best bike rack for your car.

  • How does a bike rack work?

  • The wheel blocks slide on the runners and once in the right position, straps are fitted to the clamps and tightened to hold the wheels in place 20. As each bike is loaded, the jaws on the bike arm are used to hold the frame of the bike steady on the rack itself

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