how to fit underfloor heating mat

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  • What are underfloor heating mats made of?

  • Foils mats are the most distinct of all our underfloor heating types. They are made up of a pre-spaced cable enclosed inside a foil mat. They are the easiest to install; all you need to do is unroll the mat over the floor, and, unlike sticky mats no adhesive layers need to be applied before the floor is laid over the top.

  • How to install an electric underfloor heating system?

  • How to Install an Electric Underfloor Heating System. Firstly, you need to decide how much you are prepared to lift your floor. If this is not a problem it is a good idea to source and fit some insulation backer boards to the floor first. These boards will stop you wasting a lot of heat in the floor.

  • Can underfloor heating cables be stuck to a mat?

  • Underfloor heating cables can be stuck to a mat to make installation quicker or they can be laid loose round the room. When laid loose it is normally under a floor screed and the cable itself is larger.

  • How to install heating mats on a wooden floor?

  • 鈥?A wooden floor base should be suitably secured to eliminate movement 鈥?6mm and 10mm structural insulation boards can be used for this purpose. 鈥?Before laying the mats the base should be primed with a primer compatible with the levelling compound or tile adhesive you intend to use. Installing the Heating Mats

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