how to fit square edge skirting boards

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  • How to Cut skirting boards?

  • Hold the square with its shoulder firmly against the edge of the board and run the pencil line along the edge of the blade. 5. Use a hand saw to cut just to the outer edge of your pencil line and use long straight strokes to cut the skirting clean and square.

  • How do you fit skirting to a door?

  • One of the boards is cut square then the other board is cut 鈥?or 鈥渟cribed鈥?鈥?to match the profile of the first board. Scribing also helps minimise the risk of gaps forming if the skirting shrinks after fitting. Remember that when you鈥檙e planning to fit new skirting, start from the left-hand side of the door and work anti-clockwise around the room.

  • How do you measure for skirting board?

  • Use a tape measure to measure the walls you want to fit skirting board too. Stretch out your tape measure along the bottom of each wall and write down each measurement. Add them up when you finish to get the total length of skirting board that you will use.

  • How do you fill gaps between skirting boards?

  • Using a cartridge gun, apply flexible decorator鈥檚 caulk to the top of the skirting to seal off and fill any small gaps between the skirting and the wall. Smooth the surface and wipe away any excess with a damp cloth.

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