how to fit snow chains australia

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  • How do I fit snow chains to my car?

  • Fit snow chains where other cars can see and avoid you, usually off to side of road or in clearly marked snow chain fitting bays on Alpine roads. Fit hoop with small hook and small chain to inside of tyre. Connect first link onto small hook. The inside hoop should sit evenly around tyre 鈥?the hoop should never touch the road surface when driving.

  • How do snow chains work on tyres?

  • The diamond-style chain wraps around your wheel from the inside, and cinches together around the outside of your wheel, with the diamond pattern of chains joining the inner and outer hoops over your tread. Before you purchase or hire snow chains, you will need to know your tyre size to ensure a correct fit.

  • Do you need snow chains in Australia?

  • But in general, snow chains are required in alpine regions throughout Australia鈥檚 snow season which runs between the June long weekend and the October long weekend each year. All 2-wheel drive vehicles entering Kosciuszko National Park during snow season must carry snow chains. If you鈥檙e caught driving without them you鈥檒l be hit with a hefty fine.

  • Where can I hire a chaining for snow skiing?

  • Chains can usually be hired at service stations and ski-hire shops in snow regions. However, it may be worth picking them up before you hit the road so that you鈥檙e not unprepared in a snow storm. We鈥檝e got a few extra tips to ensure your trip to the slopes runs smoothly.

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