how to fit rolson mudguards

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  • What is the difference between front and rear mud guard?

  • The Rolson front and rear mud guard fit easily onto your bike and will stop you from having mud, water and anything else splashed up on to your clothes. Front guard comes in two sections while the rear guard is a longer one piece.

  • What should I do if the front mudguard does not align correctly?

  • If the front mudguard does not align to the wheel correctly using a daruma, use the L bracket instead (see below). The angle of the L bracket can be adjusted to obtain a satisfactory alignment.

  • How do you use a Gilles Berthoud mudguard hardware kit?

  • Leather washers are not supplied with Gilles Berthoud Mudguard Hardware Kits Thread the stay into the eyelet bolt’s hole. Place the 鈥渃up washer鈥?over the bolt with the hollow side facing the stay. Insert the threaded portion of the bolt through the hole in the fender.

  • Can a front mudguard kill?

  • You wouldn鈥檛 think that such inoffensive accessories could be dangerous, but a front mudguard (or 鈥榝ender鈥?in America), incorrectly fitted, could possibly kill! There have certainly been serious injuries. Here鈥檚 how to prevent them.

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