how to fit perfect fit blinds

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HOW TO FIT PERFECT FIT BLINDS. First,lay your blind on a flat clean surfacewith the good side facing down. Slot the pieces together as shown in the picture below. Fit the corner cover pieces in to place from underneath and press in to place until you hear them click.

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  • What are Perfect Fit blinds?

  • While Perfect Fit blinds are often associated with conservatories, their unusual fitting system means they’re useful for all sorts of other ‘unusual’ windows and can cover windows other blinds can’t. Perfect Fit blinds take the guesswork out of installing blinds.

  • How to Fit blinds to the wall?

  • How to fit blinds 1 Decide whether a face fix or a top fix is most appropriate: Face fix, which is when you fit the brackets to the window frame, with a face fix, … 2 Screw your bracket into the wall. 3 Install the blinds onto them. 4 Attach your safety device.

  • How do I care for my Perfect Fit blinds?

  • For day-to-day cleaning, wipe your Perfect Fit blind down with a damp cloth to pick up any dust. Pay a little more attention to the edges as these are most likely to get dirty. Pleated fabrics will need gentle handling. Ventilate the room to help the blind dry quickly.

  • What type of blinds are best for sliding doors?

  • Clip-to-window blinds like Perfect Fits are by far the best option for this door type due to their ample range of movement. Unfortunately sliding doors are not suitable for Perfect Fit blinds. When open, there is not enough room between the two window frames to accommodate the extra Perfect Fit frame.

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