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how to fit more books on a shelf

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What is the best way to organize books on a shelf?

Stack them horizontally, or shelve most vertically and then stick some horizontally on top of their new vertical buddies. Use your shelves for support. If you’ve run out of space on the bookshelves themselves, stack books next to them, using the bookcases as support.

How to maximize the space on your bookshelf?

Adding 2 rows of books per shelf will really maximize your shelf space and can create a beautiful layered look. The obvious drawback is that the books in the back row will be a lot more difficult to see and access. 7. Organize your books in alphabetical order

How do you style your shelf style?

Another way I make shelf styling easier, is by sorting the books by scale and height. Books come in a few different standard sizes. I sort them into three different piles: small, medium, and large. In the above image, you’ll see the taller books to the left, and the shorter books on the righthand side.

Can you change the look of a bookshelf?

Just for fun. Just changing the way the same few books are stacked can completely change the look of the bookshelf. So if you too have a bookcase, or even a shelf with books at home, take note. There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat.

How to quickly find a book?

Alphabetizing is one of the most obvious options, and is likely the best way if you want to quickly find a particular book. You can go the library-esque route and alphabetize the last name of the author, or you can be a rebel (bad boy/girl, you!) and alphabetize by title. As with any organizational method, there are pros and cons to this choice.

How to make the most of shelf space?

Vertical shelving is what we’re all used to but it’s not the most practical when you’re trying to make use of every inch of shelf space. Stack them horizontally, or shelve most vertically and then stick some horizontally on top of their new vertical buddies.

What are books about?

Books are more than just paper, ink, and glue. They’re personal objects that we love to surround ourselves with. If looking at your tattered copy of Pride and Prejudice brings back memories of your freshman dorm room, or if you laugh to remember your mansplaining uncle buying The Fountainhead for you, then you may want to consider organizing your books autobiographically.

Is there a way to organize books?

There isn’t a more personal way to organize your books.

Do non-fiction books have to be organized chronologically?

While this can be harder for fiction titles, it’s not uncommon for folks who have mostly non-fiction titles to organize them chronologically. Generally this isn’t done by the date the book was published but rather by the dates the subject matter covers.

Can you read a book in a vacuum?

It’s unlikely you’ve ever read a book in a vacuum and it’s likely that the same tome can bring up memories of very different times in your life. That said, if you want to maximize the nostalgic feelings you get when organizing your books, then designing your own autobiographical method can be hugely satisfying.

Do books cover more than one topic?

Many books cover more than one topic. Would you shelf a book about World War II before or after a book about the presidency of FDR?

How to keep books on a deep shelf?

Don’t do this! Instead, keep the spines close to the edge of the outside edge of the shelf.

What is the rule of thumb for a shelf?

A good rule of thumb is to never add any items that are smaller than an orange. Anything too small will just make the shelf look cluttered.

What about organizing my children’s books?

Though your child may have fewer books than you, it’s surprising how quickly kids books can accumulate!

What to put on a bookcase?

Fill up your bookcases entirely with books, but reserve the top surface of the shelf for decor like artwork, plants, and interesting vessels. This can look beautiful with lower bookshelves lined up against a wall or under a window.

What was the original purpose of bookshelves?

Contrary to what Pinterest and interior design magazines would have us believe, bookshelves were actually originally made to store books (the name sort of gives it away).

Why do you put backwards books on a bookshelf?

Look away if you’re a diehard bibliophile who needs to see every title in your collection! The “backwards books” method, ie with the book spines facing the wall, is purely for aesthetic purposes but can really help tie a bookshelf together. Especially when you have a collection of mismatched book colors, sizes and thicknesses.

What to do if you have several books lined up?

If you have several books lined up that you are planning on reading, but struggle to locate them in your collection, this is a great idea. You could have a dedicated section where you group all your future reads, new purchases, or anything you’re planning on reading in the near future.

How to make a book collection look more polished?

Make Visually Appealing: To give your collection an uncluttered and polished feel, group books with similar heights and widths together. This will create a streamlined look while still remaining functional throughout. Freshen up worn or tattered books by wrapping them in coordinating paper for an updated facelift.

What to put on a stack of books?

Pair With Accessories: Put those makeshift risers you just created to good use. Atop the stacks of books is an ideal place to display thrift store finds, travel souvenirs and other favorite items. Style gaps in between with lush plants, memorable photos or fun figurines.

Can you alphabetize books by author?

You can either alphabetize your reads by author or by title. If you have a fairly large collection, arranging by the author’s last name will help make finding what you’re looking for a little easier. It’ll be like having a mini library for you (and your pals!) to choose from right in your own home.

What to do if one batch of books is standing up?

If one batch of books is standing up, grab another batch – a batch of any color! – and set it on its side. Alternate the way the books are stacked every time:

What does Jill’s family do in their living room?

Jill’s family uses this living room for reading and for entertaining, so the idea of getting rid of all their books in exchange for Pretty Things just seemed like it’d be a silly lack of priorities for their real life. Erin and I painted and restyled their shelves, keeping almost ALL the same books, but in a way that feels a little easier on your eyes and more organized:

Is it necessary to get a fresh slate?

Of everything. This is a pain, but completely necessary to get a fresh slate and allow yourself to see things a different way than How They’ve Always Been.

Can you group all the reddish books together?

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just try to roughly group together all the reddish books, all the bluish books, etc.

How to get the most bang for your buck?

To get the most bang for your buck you can stack books large to small against the edge of the shelf and break up the bookend pair onto two different shelves. Have fun with the bookends, they don’t have to be scholarly. You want to hook people with your quirky objects only to impress them with your great taste in literature.

How to make a bookshelf look more harmonious?

Add Color to The Back of Your Bookshelf. This is a great way to make your bookshelf look more harmonious. If you don’t want to paint you can always use contact paper or temporary wallpaper in a solid color.

Can you use grasscloth for a pattern?

If you‘re feeling more adventurous you could use a texture like grasscloth or even a pattern! Because grasscloth is stiff, it is super easy to apply and you could definitely attach it with a little double stick tape. These built-ins are definitely something to aspire to.

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