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how to fit mens pants

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How Pants Should FitWaistband: The waistband should sit comfortably around your waist,but snug enough to keep your shirt tucked in Too tight: the waistband gives you a muffin top or is restrictive …Front Seat: the area around your butt should allow you to sit comfortably …Rise: the rise,whether it’s low,mid or high,should suit your comfort standards and stay in place when you move …More items

What are the best casual pants for men?

Travel PantsMugsy Jeans Brushed Twill. Mugsy’s super stretchy and soft cotton blend twill just gets better with age. …Vuori Meta Pant. Breathable and tailor-fitted,Vuori offers an excellent choice in their Meta Pant. …Dockers Men’s Slim Fit Workday Flex Pants. Dockers are hands-down one of the best bang-for-your-buck clothing brands out there. …

How should men with big stomachs wear their pants?

wear your pants where your waist is. Get yourself some suspenders and a belt. That is where your pants are supposed to be. Because of the belly you need the suspenders to hold up the trousers so they don’t slip out of place and the belt is there for style just like anyone else.

Should men cuff their pants?

You can roll or cuff your pants with confidence, as long as you keep two things in mind: If the cuff is taller than two inches, it can make you look shorter. If your pants aren’t tapered below the knee, cuffing will look a little silly. Elijah Wood’s thick cuffs are distracting. They look to big for his body, which makes him look short.

What are the best yoga pants for men?

The Best Yoga Pants For Men2 Champion Men’s Open Bottom Jersey Pants. In the world of sports gear and apparel,Champion comes at the top. …3 Maikanong Men’s Joggers. …7 prAna Men’s Vaha 32 Inseam Yoga Pants. …11 NIKE Men’s Pro Warm Yoga Pants. …

When do Pants Fit Well?

In general, you want your trousers to fit well but what exactly does that mean?

Why do my pants wrinkle?

If you can see these wrinkles in pants, chances are the wearer has a very upright posture and the pants were not adjusted properly for him. You may also see that the trousers may cling to the wearer’s legs in the back. It’s difficult to fix on existing RTW trousers because the issue is the angle of the seat. However, if you commission a custom garment, be it MTM or bespoke, you should speak up to the tailors if you see this defect.

Why do my pants have a horseshoe fold?

Horseshoe Folds. Horseshoe folds occur, if the underside of the trousers is cut too close to the wearer’s thigh. You may also see diagonal creases on the inside of your thighs and your pants will probably stick to the calves. You will see this defect on men with an erect posture and strong calves.

What does it mean when your pants break?

A big break means your pants are too long. They must have the right circumference around your waist, seat, thigh, knee and ankle. Pleats should not gap. The most difficult part of the fit of pants is the back view when you do not wear a jacket.

Where do creases start?

Creases geneally start in the croth area and continue vertically left and right of the fly. If you encounter these folds, the trousers are too big for the wearer. Have it adjusted in the seat, crotch and side seams.

Why is length important in pants?

We can’t emphasize this enough that length is key. A properly hemmed pair of pants will balance the proportion of your entire look, and they can draw the eye to the other details of your ensemble, such as socks or shoes. Learn how to combine shoes, socks and pants here.

How to wear jeans for men?

For larger men, you may find it’s more comfortable to wear the jeans at the same height as your dress trousers. When it comes to the fit, jeans – unlike some other pants – should stay relatively consistent down each leg of the trousers. They should ideally taper as they go down the leg, so you don’t end up with jeans that hug the hips but are baggy in the calves. When it comes to jeans, no break to a full break is ok, but most men wear them too long, sometimes even stepping on them when walking. Simply have them hemmed to the proper length at the alterations tailor.

How to make a hinge on a car seat?

Make a horizontal line midway down the back seat seam and carry it across until approximately 2” from the outseam. Then make an angled second line up to the outseam corner (don’t go all the way – stop about 1/4” from the edge). You will cut along that line so that the top becomes a hinge.

What is a round pubis?

If you find that your front crotch is showing off a lot more than you would like, you may need a round pubis (also known as a ‘prominent pubis’) adjustment. (We will add that to the growing list of odd things I end up saying to speak candidly about fitting butts and crotches.) This will show up as vertical wrinkles around the front crotch. You will need to scoop out that front crotch curve to make room for your body’s curvature. Changes as small as 1/8” to 1/4” will make a big difference, so go slowly!

What to do if your pants are too loose?

If you feel like your pants are flapping in the breeze and just way too loose, you may want to reduce some of the width across the thighs and possibly down the leg . This is an example of a pair of shorts where the leg is too loose.

How to fix saggy pants?

You may also need to shorten your back rise. If you need to shorten your back rise more than 1/2”, you will need to do a more in depth pattern modification. Check out the fitting section on Decreasing Rise.

How to adjust pants inside out?

The easiest way to do this is to turn your pants inside out, pinch out the excess fabric and baste. Try them on again and if you like your adjustment, make sure to transfer it to your pattern piece. You will reduce the width of the inseam on both the front and back pattern pieces.

How to add a small amount of length to a pattern?

The easy method for adding a small amount is to just add length to the crotch point and top of the rise. However, if you’re adding more than 1/2”, you’ll want to slash your pattern and spread out the back crotch curve so you are adding length to the back crotch and the center back.

How to tell if you have excess fabric on your pants?

Excess Fabric on Outer Thighs. If your outer thighs do not fill out your pants, you will see fabric pooling on the back of the thighs, with drag lines towards the outseam. It will be most obvious on the back, but you may see similar lines on the front as well. Put your pants on inside out and pinch out the excess fabric.

What measurements do skirts need to fit?

To compare, a skirt must fit only the waist and hips circumference measurements. And the bodice has darts that can change position, width, and length to sculpt the shape of the pattern as close to the body shape as possible. I want to emphasize that it’s OK to have some wrinkles here and there.

What does a full tummy adjustment look like?

When you need a full tummy adjustment, it usually looks like diagonal stress lines starting from the belly. The pants front may pull upward, causing the side seams to go forward and the hip area to ride up.

What happens if the crotch curve is too long?

The longer the crotch curve, the more fabric there is for the crotch area. If the crotch curve is too long, there is excess fabric at the front crotch area.

Why are pants so hard to fit?

It is so because they cover a big part of the body and they pretty much follow all the shapes and curves of the legs, bottom, and waist. The legs bend at the knees as well as at the hips. On top of that, the shape of the butt and the tummy changes when a person sits.

How to make a hinge point?

Leave an inch or 2 unslashed and use the end as a hinge point. Spread as much as you need to add. Spread the same amount at the vertical and the horizontal line ( if you need to add 1 inch that would be 1 inch at the horizontal and 1 inch at the vertical). Tape on paper and cut out the new shape.

How to draw a high hip?

To make it, draw the high hip line. The high hip is a line leveled with the floor that divides the distance between the waist and the hips. Draw another line from the middle knee straight up to the waist. Slash through the lines. When slashing through the hip line, don’t go all the way to the side seam.

How to draw a hip pattern?

To make it, draw the high hip line (the hip depth). The high hip is a line leveled with the floor that divides the distance between the waist and the hips. Draw another line from the middle knee straight up to the waist. Slash through the lines.

How to measure waist size for men’s pants?

The waist length is measured by measuring from one side of the waistband with measuring tape to the other, then multiplying that number by two. Learning how to measure waist size for pants is easy.

What pants hang high on the waist?

Bootcut jeans are wider on the bottom to make room for boots, while straight pants do not have this space but instead hang down just above the heel. Lowriders, or hipsters, hang just below the waist.

Where to measure pants at home?

Make sure to measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg. The crotch seam is where the left and right pant legs are sewn together.

Where is the inseam measured?

The inseam is measured from the crotch seam to the bottom of the pant leg . There’s some confusion about the inseam measurement; some people think it’s simply the length from the waist to the pant leg’s bottom. This is incorrect—this is called the outseam.

Where to place measuring tape for waist size?

When measuring yourself for waist size with a measuring tape, it’s important to place the tape on the area of your waist where the waistband will hang. Comfort considerations and appearance will vary with the look you want. High waisted jeans, for example, will hang differently than low hanging hipster styles.

How to find men’s pants size?

If you don’t have this chart handy, here’s a tip: to find men’s pants sizes in centimeters, take your inches measurement and multiply it by 2.54. If you have centimeter measurements, divide by that number to find the measurement in inches.

What is the measurement of men’s pants?

Men’s Pants Sizes and Their Meaning. Most men’s pants sizes are measured in the waist/inseam length format. The first number is the waist length, and the second number measures the inseam. This is also called the W/L format. Pants are measured in inches in the U.S. and centimeters in Europe.

Suit Pants

Let’s start with the easiest one first — suit pants, around which there’s considerable consensus. According to Art Lewin, a master designer of bespoke suits, for flat-front trousers (i.e., pants without pleats), the hem should lay right at the shoe with only a slight break. “A break is when the pants crease when they hit the shoe,” Lewin explains.


Consensus here is harder to find, in part because the hem of your jeans is also very much an extension of your overall style. “A short hem — or jeans barely touching the shoe or top of your foot — is a popular choice in r/MaleFashionAdvice,” writes one subscriber.


With chinos, there’s obviously a lot more room to play with. That said, Pillay still likes to keep things tight with nothing more than a single break. “When you stand straight up, the bottom of the pants should rest on your shoe, and the back should fall to the middle of your heel,” he says. “That’s the traditional way.”


There isn’t a ton of love for joggers on r/MaleFashionAdvice. But as one subscriber points out, joggers at least leave room for experimentation. If you want to be mainstream, though, “look at the intended length of the Uniqlo ones — just at or above the ankles,” he suggests.

What does proportional figure mean?

A proportional figure means you’ll likely have the easiest time finding pants that fit correctly, but don’t get cocky. There’s still plenty to pay attention to. Look for pants that fit throughout your legs and aren’t too snug. Try a narrower pant like a slim fit for a trendier look.

How to make your pants look bigger?

Pay attention to proportions when choosing the right-fitting pants. Making sure you don’t go too wide or too tight is key. Avoid undersized fits that will make you appear larger. A slightly longer inseam will help elongate your frame.

How to hide petite body?

Stylist Tip: To not accentuate your smaller size, opt for slim or straight-fitting pants. Wearing clothing that’s proportionate to your build will hide a petite physique.

How to look slimmer for men?

For slimmer guys, it can be difficult finding clothing you’re not swimming in. No one wants to look like they borrowed their dad’s shirt. Skip oversized fits that will make you appear smaller. Texture, patterns and dark colors will complement your build.

Is a regular body the same as a slim body?

No two bodies are the same. A regular build is going to need a very different pair of pants than a huskier build and a slimmer build…I think you see where we’re going. Below, we’ll break down everything you need to know to find the right pants for your build.

How to Measure your Size for Pants?

Find our detailed how to measure inseam and how to measure waist size here.

How many centimeters are in a pair of pants?

If you want to convert the size to the metric system, you must use factor 2.54, because an inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. Therefore, a pair of pants with a length of 32 inches has a stride length of 81 centimeters.

What are pants measurements?

All well-known manufacturers use two measurements: waistband to get the width and length of inseam/legs.

How to find out your waist size?

How to find out your waist size? Measure around your natural waist line in inches or centimeters and use the following table to find your perfect fit .

What does the number 34 mean in pants?

For example, if you have a jeans size 34/32, the number 34 means that you have a waist width of 34 inches. The number 32 then corresponds to a leg length of 32 inches.

How are pants measured?

Pants are measured in inches in US and centimeters in Europe.

How to measure a leg?

Leg mesurement is done by taking the length of the inseam (inner leg/inside leg).

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