how to fit loft boards on stilts

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  • How do you install loft storage stilts?

  • Lay the loft boards on top of the loft storage stilts. Once in place screw directly through the loft boards and into the high quality polyprop loft stilt round top. Job done!

  • How to fit loft boards?

  • The most important thing we can teach you when we are explaining how to fit loft boards is that loft insulation must not be squashed down. If it is, it is virtually useless for stopping the warm air from rooms below entering your loft. This being the case, it is necessary to raise the loft floor above the insulation.

  • How do I fit loft legs?

  • If you already have two layers of insulation in your loft you will have to roll back the top layer to the sides of the loft to reveal the joists/trusses before fitting Loft Legs. Loft Legs are screwed directly into the joists or trusses in a grid to raise the boards, the spacing of the Legs should correlate with the joints in the boards.

  • How do you build a loft above the joists?

  • The best solution is to build a raised loft floor above the insulation (details of which are shown below ). You can still board directly on to the joists if you want, but it is worth noting that this would not pass a building control inspection, because you wouldn鈥檛 have the full 270mm depth of insulation required by regulations.

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