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how to fit kitchen door handles

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How to Fit Kitchen Door HandlesStep 1: Finding the Right Position for the Handles When deciding where to place your kitchen door handles there are a few basic rules and guidelines that can help. …Step 2: Drilling the Holes …Step 3: Tightening the Screws …Step 4: Repeat the Process …

How do you measure for a door handle?

Place the handle on its side and with a pencil, draw a line on the door where the top screw hole position is. Measure from the top of the door (if a base unit door) to the centre of the top hole position. In this example we decided the top hole for our handle would be 55mm from the top of the door.

How to install cabinet door handles and knobs?

To start off, you need to decide where you want to place the cabinet door handle or knob. Typically, you will want to install your hardware in the center of the drawer.

What side of the door should the handles go on?

If you are fitting handles to new kitchen or cabinet doors, then you will need to select a location. As a rule of thumb, handles and knobs tend to be positioned on the opposite side to the hinge and toward the top of the door.

How do I adjust the length of my Kitchen Door Workshop handles?

If the handles that you purchased aren’t supplied with screws or if the screws that you have are not the right length Kitchen Door Workshop sell ‘snap off’ screws on our website which can easily be adjusted in length just by snapping to the size that you require.

How to prevent a drill from splitting a door?

Always put a block of wood or MDF behind your door hole position. This prevents the drill from splitting the back of the door. If you’re using your kitchen worktop as a work-bench, be very wary of how far through you drill! Place the drill bit in the drill and ensure it is tight.

What to do before placing kitchen door on flat surface?

Before placing your kitchen door or drawer front on a flat surface, ensure you have a towel or other fabric on the surface to avoid scratching.

Where do you put the handles on an extractor door?

Extractor doors and cabinets hinged from the top are exceptions. Here, you would normally position the handles on the bottom rail or bottom of the door.

Do you need wood screws for jigtech handles?

Our range of Jigtech handles is available to provide hassle-free fitting. With fast-fit roses and no wood screws required, Jigtech handles are simple and quick to fit.

Can you use blue tack to test handle position?

Deciding on the position can be a little difficult, but you can test out the handle placement using blue tack before you commit to the position. Once you have decided on the handle position, be sure to note down the measurements.

Can high gloss doors scratch?

A word of warning – high gloss door finishes scratch very easily. If you have removed the protective film, then use masking tape on the door to protect the surface prior to testing out different locations.

Why are door handles fitted?

Door handles are usually fitted when the doors are attached to the units so you can use your eye to get a better idea of where you want your handles to be attached.

Where to place off cut wood for door drill?

Before you begin drilling, always place an off-cut of wood at the back of the door, on the opposite face you intend to drill. Hold it tightly to the door using a G-clamp. The block of wood is there to stop the door from splintering or splitting when the drill reaches the other site.

Where is the handle on a wall cabinet?

A wall cabinet however will generally have the handle sat close to the bottom of the door so it is easily reached. Now you need to decide where you want your handles to be placed.

Do you want handles to be close to edges?

You do not want your handles too close to edges as they may rub against other surfaces or simply look bad.

How to drill out a 4th hole on a jig?

Then you need to drill out the first and the fourth hole on the jig using a 3mm drill bit.

What is a handle hole drill jig?

Using the Handle Hole Drilling Jig is one way of ensuring a professional finish and it’s a quick and accurate way of getting the handle holes in the right position.

How far from the top of a door should the handle be?

Measure from the top of the door (if a base unit door) to the centre of the top hole position. In this example we decided the top hole for our handle would be 55mm from the top of the door.

How to mark a door of the opposite hand?

To mark a door of the opposite hand, simply turn the jig around. to mark a wall unit door simply flip it over. Once the jig is set up you can do all the marking of the holes literally in a few minutes saving lots of time.

Why do we brake a jig?

The reason we would do that is because the jig is very useful for helping to mark the handle position from the edge of the drawer.

How far should the first hole be from the edge of the door?

Therefore the first hole wants to be 250mm from the edge of the door.

Where to drill a door handle?

Always drill from the front through to the back of the door . The reason for this, is that if you drill from the back of the door through to the front, the holes could end up in the wrong position if the drill is even slightly out of level – making fitting the handle impossible.

How to install multiple pulls in kitchen?

If you have multiple accessories to install across an entire kitchen, use a jig to ensure an identical location for each pull or knob. Before drilling, cover the location indicated with masking tape and mark the drill location over the adhesive. This will prevent holes and scratching while drilling the hardware to its final location.

What is the purpose of hardware in a kitchen?

Hardware features serve a substantial purpose in the kitchen for functionality , so it’s important to install your knobs and pulls with care and precision. Before you begin your cabinet hardware installation, collect the proper tools.

Do cabinet pulls have to be the same size?

Your cabinet pulls don’t have to be the same size, however, it will make the repetition of hardware install more straightforward. If you have an extra-wide drawer, you may want to use two separate pulls centered on the drawer. When you’re questioning how to install cabinet hardware, the pressure’s on. There’s not much room for error …

When installing hardware, do you feel pressured?

When installing your hardware, you may feel pressured to get things right the first time. Consider these frequently asked questions before you begin the project to ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

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