how to fit ice skates

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Fittingcustom made iceskatesSit in a comfortable position and use a pen to outline both your feet. Be sure to keep the pen as close to your feet as possible while tracing. Use a tape measure to determine the length of your foot. You would need to measure that distance between the extreme rear point of your heel and the tip of your longest toe.

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  • How do hockey skates fit?

  • Once you are finished lacing up your hockey skates, stand up to see how your feet fit and feel inside the skate. Note: Hockey skates are supposed to fit very closely to the shape of your foot. There should be minimal space between your foot and the skate without having too much discomfort.

  • How do I choose the right size ice skates?

  • The finger test will ensure your skates are the right size, and that you have the right ankle fit. Lace the skate up tight as if you are going to play hockey.

  • How to choose the right skateboard for your foot type?

  • A wider foot will need a high-volume skate, whereas if you have narrower feet, you should look for a low-volume skate. If you have a naturally-wide foot, you should try on a skate with a traditional fit.

  • What happens if you don鈥檛 fit your hockey skates?

  • A poorly fitting pair of skates can impair your skating ability, cause foot pain, blisters and a lot of frustration. Hockey Skate Sizes 鈥?What size hockey skate should you wear?

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